I decided to study psychology at university after ten years in the nursing profession, during which time I developed a growing interest in the emotional health of my patients. This decision set in motion an extremely rewarding, and sometimes arduous, journey of personal and professional development, deepening with each subject completed, every course I attended, every job I worked and each person I met along the way.

Now I am here, offering a place for you to share your troubles and to work out a way forward. And I wonder how we’ll each be changed by the encounter...

Compassion. Respect. Equality.

I have studied and trained in several therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, gestalt therapy, solution-focused therapy, expressive and art therapy. There are many kinds of therapies! However, I now use acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to guide my work as a psychologist. I practice this myself as well as with my clients, and I find it brings together many of the other therapies I have learned about. It also has a vast research-base showing how effective it is when helping people in all sorts of situations. In short, ACT guides us towards greater psychological flexibility when we become aware of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are not helpful to us, and leads the way to a living a life that is value-led, rich and meaningful. The website actmindfully.com.au will tell you more about ACT, and has some great self-help resources and information if you want to start your journey right away.

If you still want someone by your side, I will listen to you and help you through this work as it applies to you in your situation. Changing is hard. I don't know anyone who likes it. And it can be really, really helpful to have a professional helper to support you along the way.