Emotional suffering: We all know it.

It happens when we lose something precious (maybe a relationship, our health, our identity, a job, a belief, a possibility), when life is difficult (problematic relationships, work stress, parent stress, financial stress, health stress, unrelieved pain, life transitions) or when old wounds weep (painful memories, regrets). It happens when unwanted and unwelcome things have happened to us. It happens when we imagine unwanted and unwelcome things happening to us in the future. It happens when life seems impossible. Overwhelming. Not worth living.

We all know emotional suffering. And most of it happens privately.

Or is shared with family or friends.

If you need something more, professional listeners are around. I help people who are suffering create a better life for themselves.

Samford Emotional Health is a place where you will be treated with respect and care no matter what your trouble is.